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We’ll help you recognize and hone your inherent strengths, knowledge, and self-awareness to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Peak Resilience is an intersectional feminist counselling practice. We specialize in empowering adults from all backgrounds. This means that we think the context you live in as someone queer, straight, trans, nonbinary, cis, neurodiverse, neurotypical or racialized, matters to understanding how to help you improve your life and health. It means we can match you with a counsellor who relates to who you are and who fits you and your goals.

A better tomorrow starts now.

First steps can be tough, making them easier is the least we could do – so we did.

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In-person counselling appointments are available at our downtown Vancouver counselling office. We also offer remote counselling appointments by secure video in most locations in Canada. Individual Services and Pricing |  Couple and Family Services and Pricing

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Individual in-person counselling sessions are available in Downtown Vancouver as well as remote secure video sessions

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