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Our values are at our core

Transparency vs. Performance

We want to be transparent about the principles that guide and direct Peak Resilience and our culture. Our core values serve as a moral compass for our staff and the organization as a whole – they’re the North Star that sets the standard for the team’s actions and decisions. These core values are a framework that’s shared internally and acted on and reinforced by leadership.



We lead with vulnerability and authenticity. We’re humans first and counsellors second. We value true connection with clients, one another, and our community.

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We stay current and never stop learning. We’re proud therapy geeks! We keep up with cutting-edge, evidence-based developments in our fields and prioritize continuing education.

Emotional sustainability head

Emotional Sustainability

We put our own oxygen mask on first. We know that for counsellors to do their best work, they have to feel supported and take care of themselves. This helps keep the challenging work we do inspiring, fulfilling, and sustainable over the long run.

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We infuse joy into therapy. From your first click into our website or step through our doors, we want to make you feel a welcoming brightness before you even meet with a counsellor.

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Social Justice

We strive towards social justice. We aim to honour each individual’s experience and background, and are actively working to promote a diverse and inclusive world.

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We embrace and encourage growth. The bigger our team, the bigger our impact. As a larger practice, we benefit from the collective wisdom of both our counsellors and our clients and we all grow together.

We’re on a mission.

Solid Goals, Fluid Process

To improve individuals and society as a whole by providing capable, quality, client-centred counselling and healing through an intersectional feminist lens that motivates and empowers people to live their best lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Check our vision.

Working Towards the Future We Want to See.

Forwarding the revolution towards a world that empowers the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all individuals and our global community, especially in the face of the systemic oppression that exists in our society.

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