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Faiza Khalil

MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor #19703

What experience or background do you bring to your counselling that is uniquely yours?

A unique experience that I bring to counselling is that I have been fortunate to work with individuals from various age groups including youth, adults, and older adults. I have found that regardless of someone's stage in their life, we all have the same needs for self-acceptance, self-worth, and belonging.

What is a personal challenge that you have overcome in your own life?

After years of discomfort and hardship, I was able to find my own voice and become my biggest advocate. As a woman of colour, I grew up in the South Asian community, where I was encouraged to be quiet and agreeable. This affected me as an adult where I began working in primarily White workplaces and often second-guessed myself and my abilities. I realized that this wasn't sustainable for my mental wellness, professional growth, and the fierce woman that I knew I was! From this experience, I strive to ensure that the voices of BIPOC are centered and amplified.

What have you learned from your work?

I have learned that developing a genuine and therapeutic connection with others is everything. Beginning therapy can be an intimidating process, so I make it a priority to build a safe and trusting space where people feel comfortable to discuss their concerns and issues.

What is your favourite thing about working closely with people every day?

My favourite part is witnessing people recognize and acknowledge their personal strengths. It is truly a privilege to be present in someone's vulnerability, and to have them realize how much work they have put into their overall well-being.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is that while there are so many things that are out of our control, there are also things that we do have control over. It is important to focus on what these things are to help us make positive and lasting changes in our lives.