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Geetika Virdi

MA, Counsellor

What is your favourite thing about working closely with people every day?

From my own experience I know how challenging it can be to come to therapy, and start talking to a stranger about intimate details of our lives! This can bring up hard emotions like grief, guilt and shame, and I love seeing how courageous people are in leaning into their own vulnerability as a part of working on the hard stuff and making meaningful changes in their lives. To me, this vulnerability is a gift, and one that I, as a counsellor, am truly grateful for.

What is a personal challenge that you have overcome in your own life?

A big challenge for me is when my inner critic takes charge and can lead me to think that 'no one likes me', making me feel very alone. When it gets loud I find myself replaying conversations in my head and seeking reassurance from others.This struggle with my self-worth and self-consciousness is an ongoing piece of work for me, but I’m always learning new ways of living with this inner critic and finding more ease and acceptance of myself.

What have you learned from your work?

That we are all deserving of unconditional love, acceptance and support!