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Lauren Phelan

BA, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

What experience or background do you bring to your counselling and supervision practice that is uniquely yours?

I’ve learned that counselling is most effective when clients feel like they can fully be themselves. It’s also easier to connect with our intuition when we feel uninhibited, so it’s important to me to create a space where clients feel like they can bring out the candid, spontaneous, and raw sides of themselves.

What is your favourite thing about working closely with people every day?

It’s amazing to witness someone discover an ‘aha moment’ that entirely shifts their perspective about a situation or about how they understand themselves. These moments are hugely powerful and can create permanent change. Being present for these moments gives me so much energy and fuels my love for this work.

What is a personal challenge that you have overcome in your own life?

As a former people pleaser and a sensitive person, I struggled with setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ for a lot of my life. Learning to feel comfortable setting and maintaining clear boundaries has actually allowed me to feel more generous with my time and energy, and keeps me more connected to my own intuition and my needs.

What have you learned from your work?

I am constantly struck by our capacity for resilience and the shared humanity at the heart of all of our struggles.