Build Your High Volume, High Quality Counselling Practice at Peak

Much more than shared office space

Give yourself and your clients the best possible therapy experience by building your anti-oppressive practice at Peak Resilience. Practitioners building their own practice at Peak all share intersectional feminist values, and want their clients to feel seen, heard and special. 

Building (and maintaining) a full practice can be difficult. Practitioners are often flooded with options of how to market themselves, which can lead to inspiration and excitement… as well as overwhelm and burnout. We’re here to help.

Learn more below about how you can invest in your practice, yourself and your clients.

Location: Nelson Square

Unit 601–808 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2 (Get directions)

Build-Your-Practice Services

Building (and maintaining) a full practice can be difficult. Practitioners are often flooded with options of how to market themselves, which can lead to inspiration and excitement… as well as overwhelm and burnout. 

We’re here to help by providing a minimum amount of quality, reliable marketing to build and maintain your practice. If you’d like support with additional marketing efforts, we have cost effective ways you can invest the least amount of your time and money to have the greatest impact. 

What’s included in our minimum marketing services:

  • Bio listing and maintenance on our site
  • Get-matched listing management- connectors on the Peak team are attempting to refer clients directly to you, preparing and educating clients who eventually might engage in your practice
  • Informal connections and referrals from the collective
  • Resource guide on how to maximise client bookings and marketing efforts
  • Product maintenance on our site

What’s not included in the minimum marketing package:

  • Support in creating your own website
  • Video production, creation, editing, hosting
  • Consultation about how to create google ads, how to track website traffic, etc
  • Client referral fees – if a new client from Peak Resilience books into your calendar, 
  • Promo support – running a new group or program that you’d like help promoting? Flat fee or percentage split options if we post it on our site for purchase

Physical accessibility: The Nelson Square building, where our office is located, is wheel-chair accessible. We are located on the 6th floor, and we are accessible  by elevators or stairs. There is a separate elevator from the underground parking to the lobby, then four more  elevators in the lobby to take you to the 6th floor.. There is an automatic door openers on the parkade doors, at the entrance to the lobby on the farthest door to the right. We currently don’t have an automatic door opener on our office at 601, so please let us know ahead of time and we’ll ensure the door is open for you.

Security: The building has 24/7 security located at a desk in the front lobby. During office hours (9-5pm), there is usually a human at our  front desk in 601 to greet you and check you in for your appointment. The building elevators lock after 7pm and on weekends and can only be accessed by a fob key. If your in-person appointment is after 7pm or on a weekend, please check in with building security and notify them that you’re waiting for an appointment at Peak Resilience in 601. Your counsellor will come down to the lobby at your appointment time to bring you up to 601.

Furniture: There are various seating options including couches, chairs and stools in the waiting area and in the counselling offices. Pick what is comfortable for you!

Washrooms: We have gendered washroom facilities as well as a universal wheelchair accessible washroom for any gender. When you come to office 601, you’ll see a picture frame on the far right of our reception desk. It displays a green sign that has our bathroom access codes on it… we highly recommend taking a picture of the codes, because when you head down the hall to the left and then right to access the bathrooms, you most likely will forget the code (we’ve learned from experience).

Lighting: There are several lamps and natural lighting. We try to keep fluorescent lights off.

Scents: We are a low-scent office. This means that we try to respect one another by not using strong, artificial scents, and we ask that you try to do the same. We usually have some subtle essential oils bubbling in our diffusers to help create a sanctuary-like space to escape from the downtown hustle. If this is a barrier for you, please let us know.

Practising from home can save money but can feel lonely and administratively overwhelming. To support your ability to make the most of your time and booking capacity, virtual practitioners at Peak are supported with:

  • An IRL phone (branded) number and email for your clients to reach out to when you can’t answer 
  • Your clients are supported by our virtual reception team to schedule and reschedule sessions, provide payment, or help with inquiries
  • Jane App account fees and managing your account/billing
  • Zoom Pro account fees and managing your account/billing

For practitioners who do their best work in real life, your shared overhead costs include:

  • An IRL phone number for your clients to call when you can’t answer
  • Your clients are greeted by friendly team members when they come to the office (during office hours set by Peak)
  • Jane App account fees and managing your account/billing
  • Zoom Pro account fees and managing your account/billing
  • “Living room” furnishings – if you have a massage table or other equipment please supply your own
  • Tea, snacks, storage for small personal items are all included
  • We can accept envelope size mail on your behalf
  • 24/7 security on premises

Shared office space costs are determined by a number of factors such as (but not limited to):

  • Extra staffing charges for evenings, weekends, holidays
  • Rent (we’re locked in for another 7 years but have small % increases yearly)
  • Extra utilities ($33/hr to have heating or air conditioning on evenings and weekends)

Practitioners at Peak range from full time practice owners to people who practise for a few hours once a month because they’re engaged in other therapist, activist, government or development work. 

Our administrative support fees are in line with industry standards and range from 25-40% of the revenue they make. What do administrative support fees include:

  • Helping with client booking, rescheduling, emailing 
  • Training for our admin team to support our client population in a trauma informed way
  • Hiring, staffing coverage for office and virtual reception
  • Potential new client bookings, helping a client understand how to work with you
  • Payment processing, accounts receivables (aka following up on missed payments)
  • Supervision/consultation scheduling 
  • Payment processing
  • Consult group scheduling, reminders, etc
  • Scheduling, organising and coordinating group events within Peak
  • Charging and processing revenue on your behalf to clients, transferring revenue to you
  • Providing detailed monthly statements of the services you use at Peak (base and ala-carte)
  • Access to a library of administrative templates – email templates, receipts, etc. 
  • Access to an admin team that will help you with jane support, zoom, things related to supporting your client services
  • Paying to staff slower time periods at Peak

Our administrative support fees are designed to support the humans of Peak, so our systems can be sustainable.

If you’d like support with anything clinical we got you! Our free clinical support services include:

  • Access to our clinical library of templates (informed consent forms, release forms, etc)
  • Access to our community of brilliant therapists for free peer consult exchange
  • Access to lending library in our physical office

Additional consultation can be added for additional fee and comes in the form of:

  • 1:1 consultation with Jennifer or other group consults run through Peak 
  • Crisis consultation support through text/phone

Anyone providing services designed to resist or subvert oppressive systems and support people’s resilience. People at Peak Resilience might be:

  • Registered Clinical Counsellors, Registered Social Workers, Canadian Certified Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health practitioners (like Registered Professional Counsellors)
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Massage therapists
  • Herbalists
  • Nutritionists
  • Dieticians
  • Chinese doctors
  • Energy healers
  • Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Practitioners
  • Doctors
  • Psychiatrists

Even better! We’ll charge you the virtual overhead percentage fee for virtual sessions and an IRL percentage fee for sessions when you’re in the office.

808 Nelson Square (parkade under our building – entrance from Nelson Street) 30 Mins: $3.50 Hourly: $7 Daily until 6pm: $17 24h: $25 Daily weekend: $7.50

800 Hornby St (underground Justice Building, entrance from Howe St.) Hourly: $3.75 Sat/Sun/Holidays Hourly: $3 M-F Daily (6am-6pm): $16 Weekend Daily: $6

980 Howe St (underground, has EV parking) Hourly: $5.50 Daily: $12

Bikes: There are bike racks at the front of the building and in the parking garage on the first level across from the elevator doors. Please bring a bike lock with you.

Our location is in downtown Vancouver, at the intersection of Howe and Nelson Streets. It is an 8-minute walk from the Vancouver City Centre train station, and a 13-minute walk from the Yaletown-Roundhouse station. The following translink buses pass nearby: 4,14, 10, 16, 50, 2, 44.

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