Exercise for People who Don't Exercise

My entire life, I've always heard people say exercising was good for you.

And I always thought, 'Naw, that's for other people. That wouldn't work for me." Exercising didn't feel good - it felt uncomfortable and sweaty and made my face go tomato red.

Recently I met with a doctor who gave me a list of pretty usual self-care recommendations: try a mindfulness app, eat your veggies, try to avoid stress. She ended it with, "And 30 minutes of exercise a day - that's a prescription, not a suggestion."  

5 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Summer

Summer is here and with it amazing weather, more time with friends, and more time for fun. Oh, and did we mention mental health issues can actually get worse in the Summer for a lot of people? Maybe due to the increased pressure people feel to make the most of Summer or have a picture perfect instagram account... Summer can be tough for people struggling with their mental health.

Here are 5 tips for managing your mental health in the Summer months:

Getting to Know Your Counsellor: Raelene Hodgson

The Counsellors at Peak Resilience believe we should be as authentic and vulnerable as possible - because we see our inspiring clients doing this every day. This led to our new blog post series called "Get to Know Your Counsellor" - where we'll feature each counsellor answering questions in an authentic and vulnerable way so you can:

1) get to know us better and 

2) hopefully feel even more safe/comfortable when you come in for counselling with us.

Ok, let's get started with our Q&A with Raelene...

Using Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy to Heal from Trauma

We use an integrative approach to trauma healing at Peak Resilience. This means that we use trauma-informed techniques from a variety of therapies tailored to the needs of each individual client.

We also understand that adding complementary therapies to counselling can sometimes accelerate healing. We talked to Bronwyn Melville of Acubalance Wellness Clinic on how she treats clients with trauma histories and PTSD as a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor.