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By Linnea Saltel

Meet Linnea

Get to know Peak counsellor Linnea!

Meet Linnea
We are excited to introduce one of our newest counsellors, Linnea!

What is your favourite thing about being a counsellor?
The relationships that are built with clients. To be a safe person in people’s lives and be able to build deep relationships with them is an amazing privilege and gift. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to counselling?
That it’s worthwhile to at least try it because you may get something good out of it!

What is one cause you are really passionate about?
Indigenous rights in Canada, including Truth and Reconciliation as well as Landback.
What is your favourite thing about working at Peak Resilience?
I love that we all work as a team and really support one another. It makes for a really fun and awesome atmosphere to work in!

What is your favourite color?
Light purple or crimson 

What do you love about living in Vancouver?
I actually just moved from Vancouver to Parksville! I love both places in different ways: Vancouver is great because you have the best of both worlds- bustling city life, and being steps away from beaches, mountains, and forests. The city also has so many cool coffee shops, restaurants, and small businesses. 
I’m finding that Parksville is wonderful since it’s so surrounded by nature, and the people here are super friendly!

How do you practice self-care?
Being physically active is very important to me. Also, regularly taking a step back and looking at the big picture helps me keep things in perspective. 

What is a myth about counselling?
That the counsellor knows everything and tells the client what to do. In actuality, client and counsellor share equal power in the relationship, the relationship is genuine and warm, and the client gets to choose what gets discussed and is able to move at their own pace. 

Why is intersectional feminism important to you?
It is incredibly important to recognize the ways in which people are differentially affected by structures such as patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism. Each of our intersecting identities (such as gender, ethnicity, culture, class, and sexual orientation, to name a few) inform our personal experiences while living in within such  structures. I strongly believe that learning about and practicing intersectional feminism will make the world a more equitable place for everyone. 

Why did you become a counsellor?
For a long time now I’ve felt strongly “called” to this kind of work, especially after going through some major life stuff and attending counselling myself. I also really value being able to help others and feeling like I’m making a difference in other’s lives. 

What do you do outside of work?
I love being in nature- hiking, running, biking, etc, and I also like painting, photography, and drawing- anything where I can be creative. I love spending time with my partner and step-kids, and of course our wiley dog!