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By Peak Resilience Team

We're launching an interview series!

We're launching an interview series!
We’re launching an interview series called: Redefining Resilience.

One of our intentions for 2021 is to connect more with our community. We see firsthand how challenging the past year has been for everyone (us included), and our hope is to amplify diverse stories of resilience to uplift, inspire and normalize that resilience looks different for everyone. 

Maybe resilience isn’t the “fall down 7 times, get up 8” quote; maybe, it’s drink a bottle of wine so you can actually get to sleep. 
We want to talk about all forms of resilience. 

What is resilience, anyway? 

In discussing what it means to be resilient, we want to cut through the buzz-wordy definition of “bouncing back after adversity” we hear in every podcast, self-help book, and yoga class. We want to redefine resilience to include the reality that:
  • Resilience is something that people naturally develop before, during and after adversity. Sometimes it’s not pretty.
  • The idea of resilience can be weaponized to harm people
  • Common narratives of resilience often reinforce patriarchal, capitalist or colonial systems. We are uncovering intersectional feminist narratives of resilience that nurture instead of exploit.

We hope these interviews will shed light on the oppressive systems that force people to become resilient in the first place.
If we can understand these systems better, we can dismantle their power. 

We also hope these interviews will:
  • Build our community with inspiring and diverse stories exploring how people stay resilient in the face of adversity. A guiding question for us is what does resilience actually look like? Because we don't think it's like those montages in the movies...
  • Spread positivity, and the belief that often vulnerability and resilience go hand in hand. 
  • Engage and entertain our listeners. Although we might talk about hard stuff, we have fun doing it.
We know that resilience isn’t just ‘bouncing back in the face of adversity’. Resilience is messy, tough, hilarious, and non-linear. It is at the core of what makes us human. We hope these interviews will be the same. 

We can’t wait to release our first one... stay tuned.