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By Peak Resilience Team

Unapologetically Queer with Cicely Blain

Unapologetically Queer with Cicely Blain
Redefining Resilience: how we actually get through hard shit.

“Unapologetically Queer with Cicely Blain of Bakau Consulting”

Welcome to our first episode of Redefining Resilience! We are incredibly excited and honoured to open our series with a chat with Cicely Blain: Activist, Author of Burning Sugar, Founder of Bakau Consulting, Editorial Director for Ripple of Change Magazine and overall Amazing Human

Cicely courageously opens up about their resistance to oppression by freely expressing their authentic identity as a queer, mixed race, non-binary (and badass) human. We explored:

  • The realization they were queer around 11 years old, yet didn’t have the language for it 
  • The pressure to conform. Being Mixed race and queer, they didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere
  • “Conforming” (i.e. trying to find relative safety within racist, sexist, heteronormative systems) sucked
  • Some of their ways of coping included pushing people away, hurting people and lashing out 
  • The coping Cicely judged as “bad” brought up some embarrassment/shame feelings, but they discussed how they’re now forgiving themselves for ways they navigated harmful systems
  • Other coping such as their ability to use confidence as a shield (“front”) and how it helped them find authentic freedom of their identity
  • Black History History Month as a celebration

Thank you Cicely for sharing how you redefine resilience. I want to end by highlighting a quote that stood out to me from your book Burning Sugar and the poem “step on a crack, break your back”:
“So focused on being invisible, I forgot how to see at all”. 
This interview with Cicely can help us all remember how we want to see and be seen. 
Be sure to watch here.