Introducing the best counsellor for you

Finding a counsellor who is compassionate, knowledgeable and unbiased is essential to a transformative counselling experience. Still not sure who's right for you? Contact us for a free 30 minute phone consultation or visit our Finding The Right Counsellor Page to discover how we can best support you.

Katie Dixon establishes a safe and non-judgmental space for her client’s to work through the challenges that come with living a fulfilling life.

Amanda Hamm utilizes ideas and practices from several counselling theories in order to best meet your unique needs.

Raelene Hodgson uses a trauma-informed approach while honouring the relationship between physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing

Tanu Gamble uses an integrative approach tailored to your lived experience and builds on strengths you already have. 

Kristen Hydes believes that everyone has a unique story and adapts her counselling practice to your specific needs.

Elizabeth Sabine helps you clarify and reach your personal and professional goals through compassionate client-centred support. 

Melissa Pickett strives to create safety in each therapy session and recognizes that clients are the experts in their own lives.

Sarah Blackmore focuses on your strengths to help you move past challenges and gain a sense of fulfillment. 

Anuschka Naidoo creates a welcoming environment that is compassionate, respectful and supportive to achieve the best results for her clients.

Jennifer Hollinshead is the Founder and Clinical Director of Peak Resilience and has over seventeen years of combined counselling experience and education.