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Danny Doerksen

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My name is Danny (he/him) and I believe the foundation of any important relationship, including a therapeutic one, is trust, safety, and openness. In fostering a space where these qualities are prioritized, new ways of being with yourself and others can be explored and practiced.

I am passionate about helping people understand their bodies and emotions, since at times they can seem overwhelming and mysterious. I believe the same goes for relationship work – understanding what is happening for yourself and others is key to fostering new relational patterns. I use modalities that work to integrate thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, all with a relational/attachment and trauma-informed lens.

As a queer person growing up in a religious environment, I bring a nuanced lens to working with conflicting identities and adverse religious experiences. Further, I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC and I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. This provides a specialized lens when working with multiple people in the therapy room. Most importantly, my warmth and compassion allow folks to feel welcome bringing all parts of themselves to the table.

Danny is registered with CVAP as a counsellor.

Danny offers accessible counselling.  

Danny’s informed consent form can be found here.

What experience or background do you bring to your counselling and supervision practice that is uniquely yours?

As an intern, I was the only male therapist at my site for over a year, and this gave me lots of experience working with men in therapy. Sometimes it can feel more comfortable talking to a male counsellor about certain topics, and I really enjoy helping men become more aligned with their whole self, rather than just the parts society says are acceptable.

What is your favourite thing about working closely with people every day?

I love that working with people allows me to bring my whole self into my time with clients and colleagues. My clients have taught me so much about the importance of being authentic in relationships, and I get to practice that every day.

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