Kassie Maxwell

MSW, RSW #14721

Kassie Maxwell is currently accepting new clients.

My name is Kassie Maxwell (she, her) and I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW).

I know that seeking out counselling can be intimidating, and my priority is to co-create a safe, open and transparent space where you can reflect, cry, laugh, vent, process and recover. I see clients who have come to counselling for many different reasons and at various stages of life, and I approach each person with curiosity, compassion and a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to tell your story. 

I hold a Masters of Social Work with over a decade of experience working in various settings, primarily in the mental health and addictions field with clients who have diverse and intersecting identities. Building a strong therapeutic relationship that is backed by evidence-based strategies and ongoing feedback from you is at the core of what I do. Through an intersectional feminist lens, I see individual struggles as directly connected to (and impacted by) systems of oppression. My intention is to help clients identify sneaky forces of oppression while also recognizing their own resilience and capacity to experience healing and growth.

My approach to counselling is rooted in trauma-informed, strengths based and anti-oppressive practices. And, it is also informed by own life experiences, including my identity as a queer person and as someone who has sought self-love and acceptance through my own work with a counsellor. My chosen family and sense of community are what anchors me and I believe that nurturing the relationships we have with ourselves, our loved ones and our greater communities is essential to our well being. 

Kassie offers accessible counselling.

Kassie’s informed consent form can be found here.


What is a personal challenge that you have overcome in your own life?

Beginning in childhood, I experienced a lot of anxiety that at times had made me feel incapable and stuck. I used to believe that getting rid of the anxiety was the way out, but fighting against it never really worked for me. Learning to work with and understand my anxiety along with practicing patience and acceptance with myself has been a game changer.

What have you learned from your work?

There is just so much I could say here! One thing my work has taught me is the importance of remaining open, curious and committed to life-long learning. We are all works-in-progress and there is no deadline for our personal growth.

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