Meet Emily, practicum student.


Emily Potts has joined the Peak Resilience team as a practicum student, starting September 2023. Having recently completed her course work at Yorkville University, Emily combines 10 years of working with people in the outdoor industry, along with a background in climate science and environmental studies.

Most importantly when working with clients, Emily looks at the whole person and systems in which they exist. This systems perspective helps Emily create individual approaches for each client.

Jennifer Hollinshead is supervising Emily throughout her practicum, which means you can feel confident that Emily combines her own great experience, Master’s level education, and draws on Jennifer’s 15 years of clinical experience to deliver the same high-quality counselling that Peak Resilience is known for.

Practicum students are a lower cost counselling service – sliding scale or approximately half our usual rates. You can book a free 15 minute consultation or regular sessions by giving us a call, or book directly with Emily using the link below. No credit card? No problem, call us to book.

Book with Emily now! Emily offers individual counselling, in person or online.

Check out why working with a practicum student is awesome.

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