Individual Counselling

We see it as such an honour that you trust us with those who are close to you – and we take the responsibility seriously.

Are you a friend referring a client?

It makes sense that when you’ve had a positive experience with a particular counsellor you would suggest them to people you know.

We always strive to maintain high ethical standards in our work. Usually, we recommend that people that are particularly close to you (for example, your partner, mom, or sister) see a different counsellor.

This way, the counsellor you’re working with can focus on and prioritize your needs. When it comes to friends, this is on a case-by-case basis depending on what you’re both working on in counselling.

If you’re thinking about referring someone close to you, you can always chat with your counsellor to see who will be the right fit.

Interested in sharing Peak Resilience with someone you know? Share the link below to begin the conversation.

Are you a health professional referring a client?

We get referrals from many health care providers such as physicians, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists and many more who want to help their clients navigate mental health challenges.

We invite you to complete our ‘get matched’ form with your client or invite your client to fill out our Finding the Right Counsellor form on their own. 

Once we start working with your client and have their consent to release information, we can coordinate their care with you (with their permission of course).

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