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Peak Resilience leverages cutting edge research and group therapy principles for truly transformational experiences. In addition to being more financially accessible, research shows that group therapy yields the same benefits as individual therapy. In fact, depending on the individual, group therapy can be even more effective. For many people, a group therapy setting is the key to unlocking the social and emotional muscles needed to thrive in a way that translates directly to the real world.

Most people feel nervous when starting group work – so if you’re nervous, you’re not alone. We continue to be inspired by the bravery people show when healing in a group setting. Listening and being listened to makes us see our own problems differently – often more clearly. Hearing “me too”, or simply seeing nods of recognition from others lets us feel seen, heard, and anything but alone. This approach helps us step out of our comfort zone by fostering reciprocal trust in each other, ourselves, and the process.

Group sessions offer an increased sense of belonging and support and can be an especially powerful source of support and healing.

Intersectional Feminist Therapy Theory and Its Application in Trauma Therapies

Upcoming Workshops

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Upcoming Workshops

Request a customized private group or course experience that works for you.

These group costs vary depending on length and amount of participants.

Queering Therapy Group Clinical Consultation with Meera Dhebar

This monthly group consultation is facilitated by Meera Dhebar who focuses on queered intersectional practice – as a lens through which to deconstruct and decolonize the many challenging and harmful constructs of the counselling profession.Her goal in facilitating these monthly consult groups is to help counsellors feel more comfortable about what they can bring to working with queer clients, and in their practice generally.The group is open to anyone who is interested in learning what it means to centre identities, experiences and knowledge that usually sits on the margins of society and counselling practice. This group is for practitioners at Peak Resilience, Peak Resilience Alumni, and Practitioners who complete an intake consult to see if the group is a good fit for you (and vice versa).

If the price is getting in the way please email and we can discuss sliding scale options.

Corporate Wellness Opportunities

Peak Resilience offers tailored workshops for businesses and organizations of any size. Some examples of workshop topics include workplace wellness, resilience building, communication, and self care and stress management. These corporate wellness packages are customized to meet your organizational needs so workshops can vary in length, scope, and price. We would love to have a discussion about your ideas and how we can best support your team. Contact Lani to get more information.
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