Relationship Counselling

You’re in this together

Most people seek relationship counselling to address conflict management, improved communication, quality of connection, trust issues, or a specific damaging event such as infidelity or betrayal. It’s also an excellent way to maintain a healthy partnership, or to preempt issues down the road – not because there is something they’ve identified as needing to be addressed. This kind of counselling is applicable for relationships between romantic partners, family members, friends, or colleagues. We have therapists who are knowledgeable about and supportive of queer relationships and straight relationships, who are polyamory supportive and monogamy supportive and who are kink supportive.

$220 + GST

Includes a 50 minute appointment for 2 people, assessment and goal setting.

We spend our first few sessions identifying areas you’d like to improve in your relationship together. During this exploration, we prioritize finding alignment with each other’s boundaries and establishing “ground rules” for our sessions. Laying this foundation is important to ensure all our discussion continues in a respectful, supportive environment.

We have specific counsellors who specialize in these multiple person sessions. If ever you’d like to engage in therapy with more than one other person, please contact us before booking your appointment so we can ensure the therapist of your choice is prepared and qualified to meet your needs.

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