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Friday, October 27th, 2023: 1-Day Advanced Supervision: Feminist Supervision is for Everybody. Register here.

Peak Resilience is excited to present:

Feminist Supervision is for Everybody: 1-Day Advanced Training with virtual attendance welcome. You might recognise inspiration for our title is from bell hooks’ Feminism is for everybody. This course instills an intersectional feminist supervision framework that practitioners can apply (and benefit from) in clinical supervision.

This 7 hour course is facilitated by Dr. Laura Brown and Peak Resilience’s clinical director Jennifer Hollinshead over zoom. This advanced supervision training is based on Dr. Laura Brown’s pivotal work in intersectional feminist therapy and supervision.

In our time together, we’ll highlight and deconstruct some of the obvious and sneaky ways clinical supervision can be oppressive (or even harmful) to mental health clinicians and their clients.

Instructors: Dr. Laura Brown with Jennifer Hollinshead

Jennifer Hollinshead(she/they) is the founder and clinical director of Peak Resilience: an anti-oppressive, trauma informed counselling practice in what’s now known as Vancouver and Ontario. She has over 20 years combined education and experience and has been inspiring and supporting counsellors and practicum counsellors using intersectional feminist and evidence based supervision approaches. Jennifer is also registered as a Canadian Certified Counsellor- Supervisor, a Registered Clinical Counsellor- Approved Clinical Supervisor and has taken multiple courses in clinical supervision.

Dr. Laura Brown(she/her) is a psychologist known for many things. She is one of the “mothers” of feminist therapy theory, has written multiple books, articles, textbooks and presentations on the application of feminist therapy and supervision. She was the first out lesbian licensed psychologist in the State of Washington back in 1979, and has since mentored scores of LGBTQ+ colleagues. Laura has advocated for the inclusion of liberatory, intersectional feminist trauma perspectives in every component of her field and was among those who co-created the Feminist Therapy Institute’s Code of Ethics in the 1980s.

Laura proudly identifies as an Ashenkazic Jew. Her grandparents were refugees from what was then Russia, just before and after the first World War, who moved to the Cleveland area, which was the unceded territory of the Erie, Seneca, and Lenape nations. After growing up in Cleveland, OH, and going to graduate school in Carbondale Illinois, she moved in 1976 to Seattle, the unceded territory of the Duwamish and Muckleshoot nations, where she has lived since. She is a Jeopardy one-time champion, a second-degree black belt in Aikido, the martial art of peace, which she earned at age 68, and has written two books for adult survivors of damaging childhoods, one addressing how to deal with the ageing and death of adults who harmed you, the other addressing how to have healthy-enough relationships. Her career road not travelled is that of a vocalist.

Contact info: jennifer@peak-resilience.com; admin@peak-resilience.com; 604-682-PEAK

Why Peak Resilience? Peak Resilience aims to provide high quality, sustainable, cutting edge, intersectional feminist therapy for all. We know that our services are not accessible to most people without extended health benefits. A portion of all our revenue goes directly to free and lower cost services for our community of clients and mental health professionals. We are licensed to provide therapy services to people in (what’s now known as) Canada. We provide education services and training all around the world.

Peak Resilience is an independent therapy and learning organisation that is fully self-funded and therefore less influenced or controlled by institutions or mandates. We integrate feedback from participants in each course to ensure the material is consistently evolving based on collective knowledge and the progress in the field.

Location: Online over zoom, lots of bio/stretch breaks

Overall Course Goal: Participants of this course will leave with a better understanding of feminist supervision and how to practice itThe combination of PhD and Master’s level information and facilitation from Laura and Jennifer provides more accessibility for different learning styles.

Learning Outcomes: Participants of this course will boost their understanding, awareness and ability to articulate the following:

  • The current landscape of clinical supervision (in North America) and how feminist supervision is practiced
  • Understanding intersections of power in feminist therapy work (and encountering similar issues in feminist supervision)
  • Self-awareness regarding social positions from a lens of compassionate accountability

Topics Explored:

  • Interventions in Feminist Supervision; diverse ways to apply theory in practice
  • Reviewing recordings of feminist supervision
  • Experiential component practicing skills

Who is this course for?

We welcome anyone from the field of mental health support who supervises, trains or provides consultation to other practitioners. We welcome:

  • Support worker supervisors with any education level
  • Licensed counsellors and social workers, Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Supervisors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Doctors who provide clinical supervision in any area of health treatment and prevention
  • Practitioners who must abide by a code of ethics, confidentiality agreements and do-no-harm assumptions in order to practice (all health practitioners are welcome and can benefit from feminist supervision).

We will be discussing how to integrate feminist supervision with different modalities of therapy. Participants should have familiarity with interesectional feminist theory in therapy practice, or with some other liberatory or decolonial approach to working with emotional healing. Participants should have at least one year of experience as a psychotherapy supervisior, whether on internship as a supervisor of more junior trainees, or in other settings post-degree. If you’re not sure if this course is right for you, feel free to email admin@peak-resilience.com with your questions.

We’re flexible and want to ensure everyone has an accessible, transformative learning experience. Please let us know how we can accommodate you.

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