Finding my passion

Counselling as a profession, in the eyes of a highschool student getting ready for university.

Jane reached out to Peak Resilience a few months ago asking if we needed any volunteer help. She’s in grade 11 and getting ready to make a decision about which university program to apply to… She thought volunteering at a counselling clinic would give her insight, and help her make a decision about university. Impressive!

At the end of her volunteering, we asked Jane to write about what she learned so other people interested in counselling could learn from her.

In Jane’s words, here is what she learned about finding her passion:

Over the years, I have been challenged with the recurring question, “What role do I want to play in society?” At first, I thought I wanted to be an actress. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a businesswoman. Throughout the limitless possibilities of careers that await me, I’m left with indecisive anxiety about my future, which distracts me from realizing what it is that I’m truly passionate about. That is, until one day, with a switch of a class made by my counsellor, I was able to answer the question that had been lingering in my head for years on end.

When I first saw that I was put into my school’s psychology class, I imagined studying the chemical imbalances in the brain and weird obsessions. None of which seemed to interest me at the time, which was probably why I planned to go for the first day and then be switched out the next. But after a few days, I slowly started to fall in love with it all. Psychology is more than what we think it is. It is about who we are as people and how, throughout our many experiences in life, whether good or bad, we learn to grow into who we are today, and being introduced to this field has shaped who I am today.

From efficient study methods to learning how to process my emotions, everything is related to psychology, including ourselves. Which is why learning this field has made such a big impact on my life. As I learned more about myself and others, I also learned how to overcome any challenges I may be faced with later on. Overall, I still think to this day that the biggest thing I gained from this class was finding my true passion in life.

Although I now knew what I liked to do, I felt like there was still so much to learn and that it would be too late to change anything. These anxiety-driven thoughts are what held me back from reaching my full potential until I finally told myself that it’s better to start now than later. So I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and emailed Peak Resilience.

At first, I thought I wouldn’t even get a reply, but how could I’ve been more wrong. As I read the email sent back to me, a window of knowledge opened up. Before deciding if this is what I wanted to pursue as a career, I had all these questions about what it’s like, what the requirements are, if I would be a good fit, and the list goes on. But the staff at Peak Resilience couldn’t have been nicer in guiding me through their experience and advice, telling me about their educational journey and how they ended up choosing counselling psychology. From talking one-on-one with counsellors about their practice to hearing their journey to this profession, it was truly inspiring to see how such an intricate and deep field can be used to help others in ways that can have such a big impact on their lives in the long term. I learned about their work life, their work environment, the daily interactions they had with clients, and why they chose to go into psychology. All of this opened my eyes to what this career was about and if this field was a good fit for me. This experience was truly something I would be unable to receive elsewhere, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

 I would like to thank all the counselors for being so welcoming and kind to me. I would also like to give a really big thank you to SK, clinic admin and student doing her master’s in counseling psychology, for being so patient with me and for being the best mentor I could ask for with all the advice about this field and about life in general. Lastly, I would like to thank Jennifer and everyone at Peak Resilience for giving me this unforgettable opportunity that I will remember my whole life.

Way to be amazing, Jane! We are cheering for you!

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