Is Patriarchy the new smoking?

Event alert! Friday, February 9, 12-2PM

Join Jennifer Hollinshead for a thought-provoking event that delves into the parallels between patriarchy and smoking. This in-person and/or online gathering will take place at Peak Resilience right in time for Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day next week. Prepare to engage in lively discussions and gain fresh perspectives on the impact of patriarchy in ourselves, our relationships and our world.

Who are welcome to attend?

  1. Survivors of domestic violence (please ensure you have a safe-enough space to be present for the training)
  2. Therapists and counsellors, or anyone working in mental health.
  3. Support Workers
  4. Clinical Supervisors
  5. Gender Equity administrators and policy creators
  6. Anyone of any gender

This event is meant as uplifting, inspiring and motivating. That being said, we are challenging oppressive assumptions that have been baked into our societies and psyches for hundreds of years. Our goals (in this course and in feminist therapy) are to continue to step away from harmful and oppressive systems. Stepping away from these assumptions and dynamics needs to happen at a safe-enough, sustainable pace that is uniquely your own.

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