June Resilient Soundtrack

For Indigenous History Month, we’re featuring THE NORTHWEST KID (NWK) who is a musician of Gitxsan descent. NWK has performed as a poet and emcee within the Canadian music scene for nearly a decade under The Northwest Kid with the former duo Mob Bounce. He’s a dad, student training to be a teacher, and you can learn more about him on his IG.


What’s Hip Hop anymore?
I refuse to believe that G Funk was the peak of this
That deep soul
For people with a higher understanding of their genius

Artistic expression when feelings hit
It’s like a rock, but more earthier with me in it
Folk is in my root ever since my family seeded it
This tree has me grounded, not the grounded Christians teens would get

I’m so soft-hearted
In my red rage my spirit lifts
I speak my rampage so like minds can paint the pic
Thank you creator who give a ish
For giving the gift of coherent bliss

I just wanted to say thank you
For the gift that I’m given
Coherence, for this future tat we’re buildin’
The children

Thank you creator and the words came easy
My words flowed freely in this river of consciousness
My genie, I just want to say thank you
How could Hip Hop thrive 
if most are just reiterating negative vibes

Influencing youth to substitute Pop culture for Cultural pride
Let’s grow apart form the money controlling our lives
To let us live instead of only getting by
Hip Hop’s a way of life
The music of the youth

So grow up before the youth grow up to be you
Don’t need me no hand me down world
Thank you Guess Who
I heard the Robin sing her song fo me
Now my spirit’s renewed I just want to spread love

In everything I do, I just want to say thank you
And the words came easy
My words flowed freely 
Thank you creator for my genie
I wanted to say thank you, so thank you.

Connect with The North West Kid here if you’re interested in organising a workshop or performance. 

Several of our counsellors are indigenous or work extensively with indigenous organizations. If you are interested in being matched with a counsellor who shares an understanding of issues affecting indigenous and racialized persons, you may wish to fill out our ‘get matched’ form or give us a call to help us match you. Services are available in person at our office in downtown Vancouver or remotely with telehealth or video counselling appointments.

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