Peak Resistance

Peak Resistance

Our newest program for anyone interested in understanding how oppressive systems of our world affect our wellbeing.

Harmful forces (patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy to name a few) shape our minds, emotions, behaviours and world. These forces of oppression try to keep us alone, scared and small. 

Our Peak Resistance program is for anyone interested in understanding how oppressive systems of our world affect our wellbeing. We’ll explore how we can identify harmful messaging, resist this harm to feel better, achieve our goals, and transform our world.

The goal of these 12 weekly, two hour sessions are to leave you with: 

  • Actionable tools to help you resist harmful systems affecting your life and mental health
  • More clarity and solutions to address your current (and past) struggles
  • A sense of community and celebration of your unique (and sometimes underrated) superpowers helping you fight harmful systems and bullsh!t in general 
  • Group therapeutic support helping ground you in reality, away from the gaslighting effects of patriarchy, capitalism and other harmful systems

This program might be for you if…

  • Your inner critic is so freaking loud you can’t hear yourself think
  • You’re interested in uncovering (the sometimes invisible) forces of oppression holding you back from wellness and achieving your goals
  • You’re done feeling (or being labelled as) “sick” or “crazy” when your symptoms are a response to oppression
  • You’re trying to undo the harms of heterosexual culture (like unequal division of labour or toxic masculinity) with willing (or unwilling) partners
  • You want the support and transformation of individual therapy for less money
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the future, wanting a different framework to move forward
  • Anyone of any gender looking to challenge harmful + prescribed gender roles
  • Anyone looking to challenge internalized white supremacy (perfectionism being one example)
  • Anyone feeling isolated or separate from deeply supportive relationships

This program integrates leading research and thinking in the following areas:

  • Community care as a model for collective mental health and and justice-doing
  • Holistic, body based trauma-informed therapies like EMDR and Sensorimotor therapy 
  • Intersectional feminist therapy 
  • Trauma informed group therapy + non-violent communication
  • Shame resilience 

Jennifer Hollinshead will be facilitating this group, along with the support of another counsellor and Geetika Virdi, our practicum counsellor at Peak. After 15 years providing individual therapy to hundreds of amazing people, Jennifer believes healing should be collectively witnessed and amplified.

Interested but not quite sure? Attend our free one hour event Resisting Harms of Oppressive Systems with Jennifer on March 3 , 2022 at 6pm. 

How much does this pilot program cost?

  •  $80+GST for each 2 hour session; please let us know if you require a lower fee in order to attend
  • Check with your extended health care provider to see if this will be covered. Receipts are labelled “Psychotherapy Services” 
  • Participants can pay up front or weekly, but must commit to all 12 weeks

When + Where?

  • The program will be held virtually on our secure zoom platform
  • Sundays from 9-11am  
  • Sign up ends March 25, 2022
  • Group starts April 3, 2022 for 12 sessions; No session April 17, June 26 or July 3; ending session July 10

Join us to create intentional and transformational feminist group therapy that connects us when forces of oppression try to divide us. The amount of discomfort you feel thinking of joining a group is real – we’re nervous too!

Please email to register!


How many people will be in the group? 

6-12 people will attend each session, the same people in each session to build safety. There are two group therapy facilitators and potentially practicum counsellor(s) supporting as well. 

Do I have to attend all 12 sessions? 

Yes, we ask that people commit to all the sessions to encourage cohesion in the group. If you have to miss a session, please let the group leader know. If the group doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, you can chat with the group leader about different options. 

How is emotional safety ensured when there are so many different people attending? 

Emotional safety is extremely important, especially in a group setting. Although we can’t ensure 100% emotional safety, we prepare before the group starts, discuss safety during group, and follow up after group when needed. 

Prior to attending group, you’ll fill out an online intake form. One of the facilitators will connect with you to review your intake information. In this discussion, we’ll go over any questions you have, prior or current mental health struggles, and other supports you have in place. You’ll be given a starting info package which includes group informed consent and group ground rules

In the first session, the facilitators will explore the group guidelines, informed consent, and address any questions people have before getting started. If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask to speak with a facilitator. 

What if I know someone in the group? 

We recommend that people avoid attending a group with a close family member or friend. This way, we can ensure that outside dynamics from previous relationships are less likely to come into the group. 

If you attend a group and on the rare occasion find that you know someone in the group, please bring this to the attention of the facilitators. We’ll chat with you about the risks and benefits of attending the group together with the person you know. Based on your unique situation, we may choose to ask one or both people to attend a different group to ensure the emotional safety of all attending. 

What if I want to attend group with a close friend or relative? Please ask about this during your intake session and we can talk about the risks and benefits.

What happens when the sessions are finished?

Often when people join, they notice the benefits and safety of the group build over 12 weeks and it’s just starting to get good right at the end! You can choose to sign up for another group offering, attend our monthly alumni Resistance sessions and/or continue your individual therapy. 

Do I have to be a client at Peak Resilience to attend the group? 

No – you don’t have to be seeing a counsellor at Peak to attend the group. We have an intake process where you’ll fill out forms and have a brief screening intake with one of the facilitators before the start of group. This ensures the group is a good fit for you before attending. 

Is this covered by my extended health benefits?

Potentially – please double check with your benefits provider to see if they will cover “psychological services”. 

Please email to register!

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