Clinical Supervision Course: Feminist Supervision is for Everybody

Clinical Supervision Course: Feminist Supervision is for Everybody

Peak Resilience is excited to present: Feminist Supervision is for Everybody with in-person and/or virtual attendance welcome. You might recognize inspiration for our title is from bell hook’s Feminism is for everybody. This course instills a feminist supervision framework that anyone can apply and benefit from. 

This 35-hour virtual course is facilitated by counsellor, supervisor and Peak Resilience’s clinical director Jennifer Hollinshead and informed by Dr. Laura Brown’s pivotal work in feminist therapy and supervision. This course is also informed by multiple supervisors practising therapy and supervision from an antiracist, socially just, queer lens. 

In this course, we’ll highlight and deconstruct some of the overt and covert ways clinical supervision can be oppressive (or even harmful) to mental health clinicians and their clients. 

Participants of this course will boost their understanding of the clinical supervision landscape, including (but not limited to): 

  • Understanding the landscape: Defining various methods of supervision and their history
  • Defining feminist supervision, goals of feminist supervision
  • Interventions in Feminist Supervision; diverse ways to apply theory
  • Reviewing recordings of Dr. Laura Brown, Jennifer Hollinshead and other supervisors in the field
  • Feminist ethics in supervision
  • Thoughtful and client centred strategies to challenge oppressive ethical policies, while doing no harm (and keeping your licence)
  • Feminist supervision contracts, competencies and systems
  • We include a therapist wellness and clinical tracking tool to keep supervisees and supervisors accountable
  • Supervising student counsellors vs. licenced counsellors- what’s the difference?
  • Evaluation and assessment in feminist supervision
  • How to hold accountability for counsellors facing multiple forms of oppression and systemic violence; 
  • how to hold accountability for counsellors with more positions of privilege? 

We welcome anyone from the mental health industry who supervises and supports mental health practitioners. If you’re new to supervision and joining our course, we recommend that you have a foundation of trauma therapy training (for example, EMDR, IFS, Sensorimotor, etc) and 5-10 years experience applying that training. If you’re not sure if the course is right for you, feel free to email with your questions. 

We’ll hold live classes bi-weekly over 10 weeks (5 class days). If you’re interested in attending in person, class will be held at 808 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC. Participants can also elect to participate virtually via zoom. 

Feminist Supervision is for Everybody will explore all the “nuts and bolts” of ethical and effective supervision and consultation, while practicing from an intersectional feminist, anti-oppressive lens. 

Jennifer Hollinshead is the founder and clinical director of Peak Resilience: an anti-oppressive, trauma informed counselling practice in what’s now known as Vancouver and Ontario. She has over 20 years combined education and experience and has been supervising counsellors and practicum counsellors for the last 7 years using intersectional feminist and evidence based supervision approaches. Jennifer is also registered as a Canadian Certified Counsellor- Supervisor and has done Master’s level training in supervision. 

Class Schedule:

Starting: Friday, November 18, 2022 via zoom or in person at 601-808 Nelson Street

Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday, December 16, 2022

Class participation is required from 10am to 3pm, breaks will be provided throughout the day.

Work outside of class:

Outside our class time, you’ll be expected to review articles, videos and other materials. Time invested outside of class will be at least 2 hours per class and sometimes up to 10 hours outside of class, depending on assignment workload that week. 

Live Classes + Experiential Learning

Participants will be guided through interactive activities to discuss and consider their own practices in the field.  We keep the group to 18 max to ensure connection and discussion. Attendance in live classes are mandatory for the certificate and will give everyone time to practice clinical supervision in a variety of role plays. Participants will be encouraged to record and share their practice to support the depth of learning clinical supervision, as well as advanced considerations for supervising supervision.

  • Regular Price is $695  (+ 6% Eventbrite Fees + GST)
  • Early Bird Pricing until August 30, 2022 $595  (+ 6% Eventbrite Fees + GST)

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Tickets are on sale now until Thursday, November 10th 2022. To purchase tickets to this course, please click here 

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